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Hatco Concession Equipment Draws A Crowd

Hatco Concession Equipment Draws A Crowd

Concession stands, just the thought of them makes everyone excited to get back to their favorite events. Hatco has thought of everything to help you create and profit from a successful concession operation.

Fast, fun, and delicious!  That’s the first impression that drives the crowd to your line. Hatco concession equipment is designed to attract everyone that passes by. As customers follow the magnificent aroma of culinary treats around the corner, they anticipate what they will see. The bright displays, attractive colors, and highly visible food options are exactly what they were hoping for and picturing. With senses elevated, excited customers quickly get in line for your offering of tasty concessions. 


Hatco concession stand equipment comes in a variety of eye-catching colors and styles that elevate the look of your operation and make your culinary concessions stand out. They offer 360-degree glass merchandisers, brighter display lights, upscale finishes, and more.


Now that you have everyone’s attention, soft drinks are flowing, orders are flying in, and the doors to your holding equipment are opening and closing by the second. How do you keep the food hot and tasty? 


Hatco tackles heat loss head-on with quick heat recovery. From airflow patterns and rates to powerful heating elements along with self-regulating temperature controls, the engineers pulled out all the stops to ensure Hatco cabinets, cases, drawers, chip warmers, and more concession stand supplies stay at optimal temperatures in the most demanding environments.

How do you make sure you will have enough to go around? 


This might seem like a good problem, but it’s not. There’s nothing worse than running out of a favorite concession item or making hungry event-goers wait while you reload or heat their order. Hatco thought of this too. They offer a variety of solutions, including large-capacity concession equipment that allows you to prep more menu items in advance and scale to meet the demands of any size occasion, venue, or crowd. You may want to consider adding Hatco drawer warmers to your concession. The unique design and individual thermostatic controls for each drawer provide the flexibility to hold a diverse range of menu items at different temperatures and humidity levels. Determine what your large capacity means and check out the options. Hatco offers a variety of large chip warmers, different widths of strip heaters, induction warmers that string together up to five burners, and more. There’s something big for everyone. 




Product accessibility in a fast-paced, tight workspace. Hatco’s well-designed concession stand equipment puts accessibility first. Whether reaching in or over, easy to grab is key. 


Versatility and multi-purpose equipment solutions. Hatco is known for staying on top of food trends and operator needs. You will be sure to find equipment that does your culinary creations justice with opportunities to engage in the latest concession food trends. The equipment can be used for a variety of menu applications allowing you to switch it up for your customers.


Durability and reliability operators can depend on. When it’s go-time, you need to know that you can depend on your concession equipment to perform in the most repetitive and demanding environment. You can rest easy knowing that Hatco equipment is engineered for the long term and is tested to meet incredibly rigid performance standards. They guarantee it.


With Hatco concession stand equipment and supplies, there’s something for everyone and every venue. They offer a variety of merchandising, cooking, and holding solutions that are sure to give you the experience you and your customers crave. It’s time to bring the crowds back and have some fun!

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Metro brings hot solutions to foodservice operations

Metro brings hot solutions to foodservice operations

Metro is all about innovation, adaptability, and reinventing solutions that meet and exceed the current and future needs of operators.

They have recently introduced two fantastic new equipment solutions customizable for your specific needs.


Keeps food hot, organized, and ready-to-go. Metro2Go Hot Stations are affordable, efficient solutions that offer a great way to attract customers, reduce labor costs, and improve speed and efficiency.

They are ideal for prepaid self-service carryout orders, take-out or delivery order staging, and grab & go applications. They are proving to be the perfect fit for any operation.

Opportunities to be flexible are what foodservice professionals are craving today. With Metro2Go Hot Stations, you build the station that works best for you, whether it be shelves for pizza boxes or compartments for bags, boxes, and more.

The pass-thru design makes it easy to load food directly from the kitchen, while still allowing customers to interact on the other side. Also available with optional hinged rear doors for maximum heat efficiency. 

Check out the videos for a closer look


Super Erecta® HOT is a super flexible and efficient way to keep food hot while preparing, serving, staging, or holding hot food items. This convenient solution allows you to add heat to any Super Erecta storage unit or workspace.

Each shelf is self-contained with an adjustable thermostat to control temperatures up to 200˚F (93˚C). It’s the perfect marriage of their original patented Super Erecta shelving design AND their innovations in heated holding thermal solutions. Customize your spacing with adjustable shelves in 1” increments.  

Check out the videos on Metro’s Super Erecta Hot and see if it can bring value to your operation.


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The Berner Pureair Package™

The Berner Pureair Package™

  • Take a breath, Berner has a solution for you!  Berner combines their commercial air curtains with technology that cleans the air, kills bacteria, and stops viruses at the front door.

    This ingenious solution can be used wherever an air curtain/commercial air purifier can be utilized. It’s currently available on the Berner Architectural High Performance 10 Air Curtain Series and the Commercial High Performance 10 Air Curtain Series.

    The PureAir Package uses Needlepoint Bipolar Ionization (NPBI) Technology, a UL Certified ozone-free technology that ionizes air molecules, to disinfect the air starting at the door. The air curtain’s airstream quickly and continuously carries the ions from the entry and into the surrounding space at a high density. The ions immediately go to work destroying harmful pathogens and eliminating odors. The positive and negative ions pull the hydrogen out of viruses, bacteria, mold, VOCs, and odors, deactivating them on contact.

    Third party research and pathogen testing revealed that NPBI has been proven to reduce airborne particulates, odors, and pathogens. They reported:

    • SARS-CoV-2 inactivation rate of 99.8%
    • SARS Virus reduced by 73.4%
    • H1N1 Human Influenza Virus reduced by 99.7%
    • Mold spores kill rate of 99.5% over 24 hours

    Third Party Source

    Using EC motors, operators are able to run this system around the clock.  Not only are the motors quiet, unintrusive, and able to run on a wide variety of speeds, they are extremely efficient for low energy consumption.

    With Berner’s digital controller, the Intelliswitch™, the PureAir Package for the Architectural High Performance 10 air curtain comes with two new modes – PURE mode and PURE Night mode. When the doors are open, the motor runs on a high speed to operate as an air curtain, while treating the air stream with ionized air molecules.  When the door is closed, the PURE mode brings the EC motor(s) down to the low speed of 700 RPM and the air curtain goes to work as an air purifier. On PURE Night mode, the air curtain runs at a powerful high speed, cleaning the air in the room and purifying it, when no one is in the building. To take it a step further, there’s also an option available that provides the ability to operate and monitor the air curtain from your phone.

    Let’s recap the benefits of this innovative clean air solution. It deactivates viruses, kills bacteria and mold spores starting at the entrance, eliminates odors and VOCs, improves indoor air quality (IAQ), and supports creating a safe environment for your staff and guests.

    Berner’s innovative Pure Air solution couldn’t have come at a better time.  Take your sanitation to the next level and breathe easier!  Your employees and guests will appreciate the extra mile you take for their protection

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Vulcan Flexible Endurance Ranges

Vulcan Flexible Endurance Ranges

Vulcan Endurance Ranges are known for quality and performance. But, do you know all the features and customization options they provide to cater to your specific operation? 

Flexible Endurance Ranges offer more than 300 different range configurations allowing operators to create the ultimate cooking station for their menu and workflow. Foodservice professionals can construct a cook line with the number of burners they desire and mix and match with manual or thermostatic griddles, charbroilers, convection, and standard ovens, and even add refrigerated drawer bases for the most efficient workflow. The ability to create a custom cooking station from 12” to 72” can make all the difference in busy foodservice kitchens. 

Vulcan’s flash tube pilot system provides a single pilot between two burners to protect the pilot from going out from spills or boil-overs. Fewer pilots reduce energy consumption, saving an average of more than $300 a year for a six-burner range. That’s just one of the many benefits that Vulcan Endurance Ranges bring to foodservice operations. Watch the video where the owner of Bang Bang Burger illustrates how Vulcan improved his operation.

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